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The Box | Full of Genealogy Treasures

I've waited years for this moment. YEARS. And I am so thrilled.

When I started this journey into family history, I wasn't sure where it would lead. I only knew that my grandmothers were thrilled that I was interested in the family who came before me and they knew so well. I had no idea that it would take me into decades of obsession about my ancestors lives, personalities, characteristics, attributes and any historical context surrounding them.

My questions in the beginning were simple, perhaps too simple.

So, my questions in the beginning were simple - names, births, marriages, and deaths. In my genealogical infancy, I just wasn't prepared to ask those questions. Still my grandmothers were still happy to provide the little that I needed.

Fast forward about thirteen years. My research on the family is quickly growing and the questions I ask are deeper with more thought behind them. I wonder far more now about what their lives were like. How did they manage? A lot of them seemed to be often on the move.

How did we all end up where we are now? What determined the moves for them?

My mom, who now lives in Missouri, called to chat. Somewhere in the conversation she told me she was planning another visit to Tulsa. She does this each month to help my grandmother and visit the rest of our family who live there. When I learned about her plans, I asked if she would reach out to my uncle and aunt about The Box.

The Box is full of genealogy treasures.

The Box is my family history treasure. It belonged to my maternal grandfather who passed away in 2009. (RIP Papa. I miss you dearly.) He was the true researcher of our family history. I still don't have a full understanding of what he learned through his research, but it's all stored in The Box. In fact, I've focused on my paternal side until I could get The Box so I didn't ruin any surprises waiting for me.

There is so much *stuff* in The Box that Mom was only able to get through part of it. I can imagine her and my aunt with a glass of wine in hand sitting at the dining room table and sorting through the multitude of old photographs, files, records, notes, and some "hard plastic things with some metal slider thing at that top" per my mom (aka discs). God bless her. Knowing my grandfather, he probably put records for each individual on a disc designated for that individual and no one else. There are so many discs.

The Box holds more answers... and puzzles. I'm sure of it.

Today, I received a bag of goodies from The Box. My brother handed it to my husband who put it in the back of the car. I've only glimpsed inside and saw a colorful array of answers waiting for me to dig in.

Here we go...


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