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For #LaborDay2017, an Appropriate Reference

In honor of #LaborDay2017 a reference that is both useful and appropriate: "A Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles, and Occupations" by Colin Waters.

#Genealogy #Ancestors #Ancestry #OldJobs#Reference #Research #FamilyHistory http://bit.ly/2x5ri13

Today, as I sat on the couch sipping my coffee and making my grocery shopping list, I ran across a similar reference on Google Books that did not have a eBook available. Print only.

I love Google Books, don't you?

My books are pretty much all online these days. It's important to have them on the go now. What's more important are the reference books that I've found to help with my genealogy research on Google Books.

I've found so much on my Virginia and Tennessee ancestors through published works on Google books that it has increased my understanding on their lives tremendously.

You might check it out if it's not already in your wheelhouse!


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