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Stop Comparing Your Genealogy Finds to Others

It's funny, isn't it? This genealogy thing? Somehow working 30 hours ourselves sounds better than a few focused hours for someone else.

I'm so with you on that one.

But if we're really honest researching family history and ancestors isn't HALF as easy as we are led to believe!

And the technology? It can be so confusing... trust me, I get it!

We see the work of others who have been working for years - sometimes decades - to build their family history into what we see today. And it looks so amazing!

And suddenly... our little family tree isn't enough.

We look over the detailed notes that we still haven't investigated, looked into the history of the town this person or that person came from, a coffee ring from yesterday's coffee obstructing that odd name just enough...

Sound familiar? Or am I just talking about myself right now? (Cause I bet I'm not!)

When I started this journey I had only 13 people on my list -- all whom I knew personally, mind you -- a limited, no-subscription account and zero ideas where to start.

If you're curious - and I know you are - I'd like to formally invite you (attire: sweatpants and messy hair, don't care) to check out what we can discover together!

It all starts with a simple and casual conversation.

We'll cover BASIC things like... I want to know who or what you're interested in finding. What do you already know about this person/family/situation? Where did that information come from? Why are you looking into this -- what is YOUR purpose?

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