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AncestryDNA Rolls Out New Ethnicity Estimates

For months now, Ancestry has been reprocessing their entire database to compare customer DNA results to a larger group of people with known ancestry - 16,000 reference samples to be exact! This reference panel captures our genetic diversity from over 40 main regions and 380 sub-regions worldwide.

Ancestry's #EthnicityEstimate update is way overdue

but the precision is worth it.

#AncestryDNA previously used only 3,000 reference samples, which is probably why many of us saw unexpected regions show up in the previous update. I'm looking at you #Scandinavia.

Then a few months ago AncestryDNA's database crawled past 10 Million, which means their sample was less than stellar at 0.03% of their population and each diverse region sorely underrepresented.

Y i k e s.

In the new update, Ancestry added more samples and 17 new regions to increase accuracy. Plus, they added more samples to those underrepresented regions.

Buy why does this matter to you?

More samples means better ethnicity results.

Plain and simple.

Check out my updated ethnicity estimate:

The new estimate highlights the change in percentage, refined regions (aka new regions), and what ethnicities have been removed from your profile.

AncestryDNA removed seven regions from my estimate and redefined the others. My biggest surprise? I am genetically part of two separate Native American groups: Andean and a broader group spanning North, Central and South America. Could that be my Cherokee heritage?

I'm also a bit surprised at the amount that changed over to England, Wales and Northwestern Europe. I suspect the Scandinavian results from the previous estimate fell into this ethnicity.

Overall, no head scratchers. Looking at you #Scandinavia.

Already did the test and ready to get your new estimate? Go to Ancestry.com and then navigate to DNA > DNA Story.

Ancestry will notify you that your new ethnicity results are ready. Answer a few questions about expectations and then you can view your new update.

Carla is an Oklahoma native who has expertise in early American pioneer, Scots-Irish, and Native American research with an emphasis in mid-western American pioneer migration. Her interest in family research and evidence analysis led her to pursue a career as an independent professional genealogist.

For more about Carla visit www.redbudgenealogist.com/about.


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